High Level Political Forum
New York
7 July 2022

Session on life below water

Intervention by Catherine Tinker, Tinker Institute on International Law and Organizations, on behalf of the NGO Major Group

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“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nearly 75 years ago, failed to set any limits on our use of natural resources to ensure that we remain within the biophysical limits of our environment. We have now been in global ecological overshoot for over fifty years, passed six planetary boundaries, and reached the exponential phase of ecological collapse. The new human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, finally recognised last year, requires healthy ecosystems and biodiversity, a core focus of SDG14.”

Intervention by Julius Cainglet, Vice-President, Free Federation of Workers of the Philippines, on Behalf of the Workers and Trade Unions Major Group (International Trade Union Confederation) and APRCEM

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“Establish public employment programmes that promote green jobs through natural resource management and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems and environmental rehabilitation, including stricter monitoring and prevention of destruction of mangrove areas to protect coastal communities from storm surges and help ensure local food self sufficiency”

Intervention by David Nathaniel Berger, on behalf of Indigenous Peoples Major Group

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Photo credit: IISD ENB – Kiara Worth