High Level Political Forum
New York
11 July 2022

Session on life on land

Intervention by Omar Faruk, Secretary General, Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU), on behalf of the Workers and Trade Unions Major Groups

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“Economic growth is currently pursued at the cost of environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Unsustainable waste management practices are further impacting biodiversity and contributing to increased levels of informal employment. In order to preserve life on land, it is fundamental to decouple economic growth from environmental and ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, looking at the interlinkages between SDG 15 and SDG 8 on decent work and putting in place policies that preserve ecosystems and biodiversity while contributing to economic well-being.”

Intervention by (name missing), ACTAsia, on behalf of NGO Major Group

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“How we treat life on land impacts other goals as well, as acknowledged in the U.N. Environmental Assembly’s recent resolution on the nexus between animal welfare, the environment, and sustainable development. Promoting solutions including regenerative agriculture and local and plant-based diets will produce more sustainable food systems while also freeing land for restoration.”

Intervention by Paul Divakar Namala, Convenor, on behalf of Stakeholder Group for Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent

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Photo credit: IISD ENB – Kiara Worth