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This website was built with the kind support of Together 2030 and Women Engage for a Common FutureContent for this website was developed by Hanna Gunnarsson, Women Engage for a Common Future; Nelya Rakhimova, Open Shkola; and Irina Ponedelnik. Thank you also Sylvia Beales, Gray Panthers, for your proofreading!

Special thanks!

Thank you to the many MGoS volunteers who provided content, proofread and gave feedback. Thank you for the fantastic work you do everyday, your tireless efforts to push for a 2030 Agenda that is not leaving anyone behind. Thank you for mobilising for change and for asking those fierce questions needed to hold our decision-makers accountable. Learn more about our work here.

Thee civil society delegates sitting in the Plenary at the UN headquarters, waiting for their turn to deliver an intervention. On the three monitors infront of them it reads: women, children & youth, Indigenous Peoples

Chika Mercedes Ibeh, Women’s Major Group; Vladislav Kaim, Major Group for Children and Youth; and Enma Catu Raxjal, Indigenous Peoples, waiting to deliver their statements at the High Level Political Forum in 2019. Photo credit: IISD ENB, Kiara Worth