High Level Political Forum
New York
6 July 2022

Session on “Acting on local level”

Intervention by Emer Costello, Irish Development Education Association (IDEA) representing the NGO Major Group

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“Local governments are central actors in the creation of learning communities for sustainable development. They play a huge role in informal and non-formal learning opportunities through their libraries, museums, arts offices, parks, community gardens, recreation and sporting facilities, and their community and environment departments. They are also key actors in mobilising, forging and articulating partnerships between different local actors such as academia, civil society organisations, and the private sector. They drive innovative solutions to local problems including the creation of sustainable energy communities, the development of sustainable transport models and the promotion of biodiversity. They drive initiatives that both transform their communities and contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2030.”

Intervention by Alejandra Gutierrez Rodriguez, Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY)

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Photo credit: IISD ENB – Kiara Worth