High Level Political Forum
New York
7 July 2022

Session on “Working towards the 2023 SDG Summit”

Intervention by Bodo Ellmers, Global Policy Forum, on behalf of the Civil Society Financing for Development Group

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“The SDG Summit should conduct a honest and serious stock-taking of the Means of Implementation. It should analyze what means are needed to get SDG implementation on track, and where the deficits lie. This particularly in the area of financing for development and the international financial architecture.”

Intervention by Jorge Valderrábano, Regional Coordinator for America at the United Network of Young Peacebuilders, on behalf of the Major Group for Children & Youth

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“I have been working on the peacebuilding agenda, from an intersectional approach, with a special focus in youth. The main theme that must guide the SDG summit 2030 forum is exploring how to build peace from the communities to the international level. Reducing hunger and increasing access to education, is translated into less criminality, less intolerance, and less discrimination, for example. Tackling climate change and increasing access to green energies and natural resources would prevent territorial disputes. Addressing SDGs at the local level can bring peace upon the international level.”

Photo credit: IISD ENB – Kiara Worth